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About us. . .

We currently reside in Jackson, Tennessee and, along with an extended family, on a family farm homesteaded by our ancestors. We grew up with plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles, AND animals. While my father worked in Memphis as an OBGYN during his career he would travel one day a week to the farm where he worked Beefmaster Cattle.  He also partnered in a Tennessee Walking Horse operation that claimed a National Champion 4-year old, Senator on Parade. 
We got our first Cairn at a very young age. While we bred and showed our Cairns on a limited basis, my interest in this hobby began here. The enjoyment for our family and passion to meet high standards in all we do has not been lost through the generations.

4-Year Old World Champion Tennessee Walking Horse, Senator on Parade
​Will Burleson is a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) working and doing a residency in Phoenix, AZ. Catie is a CPA and works for a consulting firm in New York City specializing in anti-money laundering monitorship. Jeni is a DPT working in Arlington, TX with Texas Healthcare System's Sports Medicine 
as a Sports Physical Therapist. 
David, Cathy, Catie, Jeni and Will Burleson. 
David has been practicing Urology since 1990. Cathy is a retired Registered Dietitian. 
My twin brother and I with our first Cairn in 1965.